About Us

Stryker & Robin Dunda

We love our life!! We are all about helping you enjoy life too! We feel fortunate to have discovered a better way to make a living than holding a traditional job!

We are in awe of the freedom and opportunities that we enjoy daily. Even in this environment of economic uncertainty, we have found the season of the greatest abundance we have known to date. We believe it is possible to create your own security.

We have weathered a storm or two! Our failures have taught us more than our successes ever could. We see a setback as an opportunity to learn and do it differently the next time.

We believe in personal development! We considered our desire to constantly learn and grow to be our greatest asset.

I (Robin) love encouraging people! Most of my life I have been in a sales related people business including 20 years in the direct sales field. I like fun! If it’s not fun, it’s not for me!

I (Stryker) have a diverse background which includes a degree in Electrical Engineering, working in the brokerage industry and playing professional soccer.

We have a passion to travel! We have had the opportunity to visit some of the world’s most incredible cities. We look forward to seeing many more! Currently, we live in the Dallas/ Fort Worth Area but we are open to living wherever life’s adventures may take us! Did we say we love to travel?

We have been happily married for 20 years. We met when Stryker was in Dallas working for speaker & author Anthony (Tony) Robbins. Stryker was the guest speaker at Robin’s Mary Kay meeting. We had a love connection from the start!

We are the very proud parents of Josh, age 27 and Amelia, age 25. They are our greatest joy!

Our faith in God is our most important priority and it has helped us to decide what matters most in life!

Career Highlights:

  • Began Isagenix July 2007
  • 2007 Adventures in Paradise Cruise Winners
  • 2008 Isagenix Rising Star Award
  • 2009 Spirit of Isagenix Award
  • 2009 Women of Isagenix Award (Robin)
  • 2010 Top 50 Income Earners
  • 2011 Top 40 Income Earners
  • Isagenix Millionaires
  • 5 Star Golden Circle Crystal Executives
  • 8 Star Crystal Executives